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adresse : BP 380574,
98718 Punaauia,
Polynésie française


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  • Why are you a company and not an association?
    We are convinced that companies have a role to play in the preservation of nature and biodiversity. It is not in opposition to associations. Each structure has its role and meets a need. We believe that a company is better able to raise and manage funds for large-scale intervention. On the other hand, associative projects are often carried out on a very limited scale, from uncertain medium-term funding.
  • How does my contribution materialize?
    On your personal space, you can track the projects you have contributed to. Every month, you receive a report indicating the progress of the projects.
  • What is proof of my contribution?
    You receive a certificate for each contribution to the site. It details what you have funded and your impact on nature. You can also download an invoice for each purchase made on the site.
  • Why participate?
    aoa is primarily a Polynesian initiative for the planet. Our mission is to regenerate the forests of Fenua. These forests not only help mitigate climate change but also contribute to the economic and social well-being of our Polynesia. Plants provide numerous benefits, including for climate, biodiversity, health, and local employment. In general, plants and especially in the aoa forest, have significant benefits! Here is a non-exhaustive list: Absorption of CO2 Air purification Preservation of biodiversity Creation of jobs Restoration of damaged ecosystems Water filtration Resources for medicine With aoa, committing to the forest means committing to the future!
  • What does it mean to regenerate a forest?
    In the context of aoa's mission, regenerating a forest refers to the process of restoring and revitalizing a forest ecosystem that has been degraded or dominated by invasive plant species. This involves removing and controlling the invasive plants to create space for the reintroduction and growth of native plants. By restoring the native forest, it allows nature to regenerate as well. Native birds, insects, and forest fungi can reclaim their natural habitats, contributing to the overall health and biodiversity of the ecosystem.
  • How do you choose the species to be planted in the projects?
    Each project is implemented with a team of botanists. This team conducts an assessment of the existing vegetation and develops multi-year management plans based on the identified objectives. These management plans define the quantities and species to be used.
  • Why agroforestry?
    In the aoa project, agroforestry is integrated within the concept of native forest. It aims to recreate a self-sustaining ecosystem where plants work in symbiosis and optimize their respective potentials. This has scientific significance in terms of researching ancient plants that may be endangered, historical significance in rediscovering ancient knowledge about how to use these plants, and cultural significance in highlighting these plants in Polynesian culture.
  • What is included in the price of my participation and/or subscription?
    The price of your participation and/or subscription includes the entire management of the aoa project, which encompasses various activities: Project initiation and funding for studies Removal of invasive plants Production of plants Planting of vegetation Replacement of any failed plants Environmental maintenance GPS recording of tree coordinates and photo monitoring Project monitoring to assess results and adapt management plans accordingly Regular project updates and communication about our actions.
  • Who owns the land?
    The land belongs to the territory of Polynesia. Aoa has signed a 30-year renewable lease agreement with the landowner.
  • Is my online payment secure?
    Credit card payment is a simple and secure method for online purchases. We have chosen the SystemPay payment interface as it is adapted to Polynesia and complies with all security regulations. No confidential data is transmitted to us.
  • How can I give gifts?
    Visit the “I GIVE” page. You can offer a gift through a digital gift card: the email received by the gift recipient will contain a link that allows them to choose the project they want to contribute to.
  • I've received a gift code. How do I use it?
    Please have your code ready and visit Then click on the "Redeem a gift code" tab located at the top of the page, and follow the instructions to choose the project you want to contribute to.
  • What happens if my code expires?
    We have set an expiration date for each code to ensure that every gift will be utilized during our upcoming projects. If you (or the gift recipient) haven't been able to participate before the expiration date of your code, your contribution will still be used automatically online and in the field for a project chosen by us. These contributions will be visible on the page of the person who gifted the gift card.
  • I offered a gift but the recipient did not receive an email. What to do ?
    If the recipient of your gift hasn't received the email, it may have ended up in their spam or junk folder. If they have a GMAIL address, the email might be in their "Promotions" tab. Ask them to check those folders to see if the email is there.
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