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Regenerate the native forests of Fenua and taking action for the environmental well-being of our Polynesia
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Help us regenerate Polynesian native forests and contribute to the preservation of biodiversity

Photo d'une Pisonia tahitensis en inflorescens


Control invasive plants and restore balances in favor of native and endemic species

Densify native and endemic plants

Study and monitor the biotic and abiotic parameters of the valley

Train field agents and create jobs

Develop a form of social and educational ecotourism

Photo d'un chemin vers la forêt

In the heart of the Pacific Ocean, the islands of French Polynesia are known to host an exceptional biodiversity specific to each archipelago. This diversity of living things, whether terrestrial or aquatic, functions in ecosystems necessary for the survival and life of Man by offering him numerous services (supplies, regulation, cultural).

The Polynesian native forest had more than 880 species, 62% of which were endemic. It is estimated that in the 1,000 to 1,500 past years 2/3 of the wooded area that covered the islands was destroyed or transformed by man. Today, nearly 1,800 species were introduced in the territory and 42% of native species are threatened.

AOA is the first Polynesian initiative that makes a long-term commitment to restoring the biodiversity and ecological state of Polynesian forests.

Follow up


To ensure the effectiveness of monitoring and measuring, they are carried out regularly in the project area. 80 vegetation study plots have been set up in the work areas as well as a bird listening point every 200 m along the river and its tributary. Initial data collection established a zero state. Data will be collected annually in order to monitor the evolution of flora and avifauna in a qualitative, quantitative and spatial manner.

Photo d'un homme présentant une fleur de Purau


Plant as many native and endemic species (trees, shrubs, ferns) as possible every year to regenerate degraded forests, ensure stability and prosperity of our forests.



Once the trees are planted and established, we envision  creating agroforestry projects to improve space utilization while preserving the environment and showcasing local expertise.


We are studying the integration of medicinal and dye plants to offer sustainable bio-sourced cultural products.

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Become an active participant in the preservation of Polynesian biodiversity by selecting a project!

Picture of flowers of a Pittosporum taitense

Join us in our mission to protect our planet and ensure a
sustainable future for the next generations.

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Offer a symbolic, unique, eco-friendly, and sustainable gift by participating in the regeneration of Polynesian biodiversity.

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