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AOA Polynesain Forests was born from the passion of a man for living things, who, faced with the loss of terrestrial biodiversity taking place today in French Polynesia, embarked on the crazy project of restoring and protecting Polynesian forests . on the long term.

Our bones

We are a team of 18 people with varied and complementary skills serving biodiversity.

Our offices are based in Punaauia, our nursery and laboratory on Papara and our estate, Mo'aroa Valley, on Mataiea.

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We believe that environmental issues - collapse of biodiversity, climate change - require particular attention. We wish to be a key player in environmental protection in the Pacific, by creating a first natural park in French Polynesia aimed at increasing the resilience of our primary natural environments, and enriching our knowledge through research and scientific monitoring. in order to maintain the symbiotic link that exists between nature and Polynesian culture.

They support us

We are supported by the State via the Green Fund and the DGEN, by the Country with the Directorate of Agriculture and the General Directorate of the Digital Economy and by Europe via BestLife 2030.

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